Marketing in the new media world is complicated. It requires you to understand marketing concepts and strategies, digital channels and online relationship building. It forces you to figure out how which platforms will help your business stand out in a very crowded marketplace. And it encourages you to try new things, get out of your comfort zone and make an impact. This is where we come in.

We help you:

  • train your “Digital Salesperson” to guide your potential clients through your website to where they need to go
  • figure out the “personas” of who your selling to and how to speak the language they will understand
  • work with your current marketing team on having a better “User Experience” on your website
  • clarify what makes your business different and why someone should work with you rather than your competition
  • come up with a solid marketing plan that your team can execute

We work with you and your team to help you navigate the complicated world of digital marketing.

Other topics we advise on:

  • User Experience

  • Social Media Integration

  • Newsletter Integration

  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

  • User Testing

  • Focus Groups

  • Donor Page Creation

  • Donor Newsletter Design

  • Website ADA Accessibility

  • Ecommerce Solutions

  • Customer Journey Maps

  • CRM Integration

  • Custom Website Development

  • Web Hosting & Security

  • Google Adwords/ Facebook Ads

2020 Consulting Clients

If your interested in having a Marketing Consultant with 20 years experience on your team, please contact us today!