About Todd Walker

Todd signed up for his first internet account via Compuserve in the early 90's. Then he upgraded to an AOL account. This began his adventures on the "interwebs". Since first joining the "online community", Todd has been working on all aspects of things digital, from streaming video to graphics to websites. Here on Entropic Studio, he will share his love of new technologies and gadgets.

What To Tell Your Clients When They Waver Over UX

Chances are your clients want the most website for the least amount of investment. After all, it's a business and they are looking to maximize return. We understand this. However, skimping on the user experience design is one of the best ways to make their investment worthless. UX matters, and this article outlines how you [...]

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Good UX Will Help Your Customers Buy

It's the difference between repeat business versus "I'll never go there again." How providing a good customer experience at checkout can make all the difference in your ecommerce efforts. https://www.woothemes.com/2016/03/payment-gateway-ux/

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Great Free Images For Your Blog Posts

Here is a collection of 50 free-to-use images from Creative Commons to spiff up and style out your blog posts. http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/50-free-creative-commons-images-for-lifestyle-websites

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Prevent Brute Force Attacks On Your WordPress

We are now offering an automated, fully managed security solution! Secure your site from attack Say goodbye to the mundane tasks of updating Live easy knowing that your Wordpress website is in good hands   There are many ways to protect a WordPress-based blog or site from brute force login attacks. To prevent unauthorized access [...]

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Entropic Studio’s Moving Video

6:30 a.m. A cool, misty Saturday morning. The sun hasn’t yet crept over Mt. Diablo. Spirits run high. It’s time to make time. To cover ground. To make strides. (In alphabetical order) Layla Alexander. Jeff Arnold. Diana Azurmanyants. Justin Curtis. Michael Gould. Piko McRae. Don Rosenfield. Jeff Samorano. Barry Stone. Jeff Tarran. And Todd Walker. [...]

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Happy Birthday Photoshop

Look who's turning 25. Happy anniversary, Photoshop. Adobe released “Dream On” to celebrate their special day, an animated compilation featuring amazing and beautiful things that were all created in Photoshop. Entropic Studio started working with Photoshop in 1994 with Photoshop v 3.0. This was the first version to add layers. It's really amazing to see [...]

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WordPress 4.1 is here!

WordPress 4.1 “Dinah” has been released. New features in WordPress 4.1 help you focus on your writing, and the new default theme lets you show it off in style. The release is named after jazz singer Dinah Washington. The latest version is available to download at WordPress.org as well as within the WordPress dashboard. And [...]

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Google releases a New Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Here at Entropic Studio we love new technologies, especially if it has to do with the web and making things easier for the end user. So Google has release a New Bookmark Manager for Chrome, which features improved saving, better search, and folder sharing. While the new features require you to "sign-in" to Chrome (to [...]

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We have moved offices, from the San Rafael Corporate Center in San Rafael, to just down the street in an 1910 Victorian that was formerly owned by the Grateful Dead. It is located near downtown San Rafael, and is close enough to the freeway to allow for easy access to all our clients who visit [...]

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Interview with Digial Marketing Radio

Big shout out to David Bain for the opportunity to be interviewed on his show, Digital Marketing Radio. DMR publishes a weekly digital magazinecontaining the full transcript of every interview they record, with actionable ideas and easy-to-follow steps, plus full audio interviews with no interruptions. They also publish a podcast 5 days a week, interviewing [...]

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