Brand Positioning and Messaging

Every company or organization starts with Brand. What is Brand? In its essence, it is the way that your customers experience your business or product in every aspect. Your Entropic website and digital Brand presence is based on a condensed Positioning Strategy Session led by one our experts. Whether you are just starting out or re-imagining your business, we see this a critical success factor in creating assets and campaigns that work.

Whether you are launching a new product, starting a new company or simply breathing new life into a tired Brand, best practices dictate that we must “start from the beginning.” Entropic believes that getting clear about who your audience really is, and understanding what language they speak helps you tell a better story and build a customer-driven Brand. These key messages and Brand characteristics are baked into every website page and digital asset that Entropic creates. From a Creative Brief for advertising programs to your informed Point of View that drives thought leadership in your PR campaigns, this Positioning and Messaging work is the foundation for all of your Digital Marketing.

Led by one of Entropic’s senior executive partners, with 18 plus years experience working with start-ups to large enterprises across industries, ranging from banking, venture capital, the arts and entertainment, software development, events management to advertising and marketing, she brings laser-sharp focus to help you and your team get to the WHY, the WHAT, for WHOM and HOW.