At ES, we do more than just design and build websites.

We are essentially “Web Architects”, as in the creating of systemic, structural, and orderly principles to make something work–the thoughtful making of ideas that inform because it is clear.

“Information architecture is the categorization of information into a coherent structure, preferably one that most people can understand quickly, if not inherently.”
Website architecture” has the potential to be a term used for the intellectual discipline of organizing website content. “Web design”, by way of contrast, describes the practical tasks, part-graphic and part-technical, of designing and publishing a website.

Creating a usable information architecture:

  • helps users to find the information they are looking for
  • exposes users to additional information
  • assists users in making decisions

We can assist you in creating an information structure for your site. We combine the information needs of users, the business goals of the system and the available content with our extensive understanding of site design and information management.

We work with your team to create a site map outlining the overall structure of the site and page layouts for key elements of the site.

If your interested in finding out how we might be able to help you with your next project, contact us today!