WordPress 3.9 is just around the corner. Let’s look at what might be changing.

1. Updated to Visual Editor

TinyMCE was updated to the latest version. For the uninitiated, TinyMCE is an open-source, platform-independent, web-based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor that powers the Visual Editor on WordPress. The update made it possible for them to remove the “Paste from Word” button. It’s said that the visual editor will handle copy paste from Microsoft Word with more grace, and will add much cleaner HTML markup.

TinyMCE Before After

horizontal line WordPress 3.9


It looks like 3.9 Beta 1 introduced a Horizontal Line button on the visual editor header. This is how the horizontal line renders in the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme.

It would also appear some visual changes were applied to the button icons, like the one for Text Color, and the new TinyMCE editor dropped the support for the color picker / palette option.

Font Color Before and After

2. Widget Customizer & Header Image Editor in Live Previews

Widgets offer an easy way to customize you sidebars and footer on you WordPress site. When you go into Appearance >> Themes >> Customize in WordPress 3.9, you have the option to see live preview for widgets. When you click on “Add A Widget”, a new menu slides out where you can search for a widget, and you can see the widget in action before you push it live on your site.

Widget Customizer in Live Previews

You can also upload, crop, and manage header images, without needing to leave the preview area. Don’t forget to have a look through GraphicRiver’s Background Images for some great header images you can use on your site.

header image preview

3. Visually Appealing Theme Browsing Experience

You can see below the screenshot for the themes you can download from the WordPress theme repository. You’re able to look at a live demo for the theme, or install it from this screen. While you’re browsing for themes, don’t forget to have look through the professionally designed WordPress themes on ThemeForest. From parallax to responsive, we’ve got just about every WordPress theme styles you can think of.

Old Theme Install

New Theme Install


4. Drag and Drop Media in Visual Editor

It is now possible to drag and drop images in the visual editor, and WordPress will upload that media to your site. This will a great time saver, especially if you are working with multiple monitors where you usually try to drag and drop items between screens. I tried it with images and video, and both worked well, so I am going to take a stab in the dark and assume it will also work for audio.

drag drop

5. Live Gallery Preview in Visual Editor

No longer will you have to look at the placeholder box for galleries in the visual editor—you get a live preview now. Here is a before and after shot for a simple gallery in the visual editor.

Old Visual Gallery

Old Visual Gallery

New Visual Gallery

New Visual Gallery


6. Audio and Video Playlist

Now you can create audio and video playlists within WordPress. You can access this when you go to the Insert Media screen.

Old Media Gallery

New Media Gallery


And in case you are wondering, this is how an audio playlist will look in the default theme.

audio playlist

7. Improved Image Editing Options

You can edit images from within the visual editor while working on your post. Previously, you needed to leave the page and open up the image editing controls.

old image editor

Old image editor

new image editor

New image editor


So, there you have it folks—some of the new things that are present in the WordPress 3.9 Beta 1.

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