Big shout out to David Bain for the opportunity to be interviewed on his show, Digital Marketing Radio.

DMR publishes a weekly digital magazinecontaining the full transcript of every interview they record, with actionable ideas and easy-to-follow steps, plus full audio interviews with no interruptions.

They also publish a podcast 5 days a week, interviewing niche digital marketing experts on their specialty, as well as getting their opinion on the state of digital marketing today.

Having had the honor of being interviewed on his podcast, we wanted to share a few of the links and resources we discussed during the show:

Wunderlist – (Free+)
quicksilver – Patrick Robertson (and team) (Free)
jumpcut – ?? (Free)
1password – Agile bits ($50)
text expander -smilesoftware ($34.95)
firebug – Joe Hewitt,  Jan Odvarko, robcee (Free)
ATracker – Wonderapps (Stockholm) ($2.99)
GAget –  Budapest by Zoltan Hosszu & Andras Hollo ($2.99)
omnipresence (Free)
dropbox ($10+)


We also briefly talked about our sister company Syntropy WP Mangement + Hosting. We are really excited about this new service as it will hopefully help many people keep a healthy and secure WordPress webiste.


Listen to the Podcast on Digital Marketing Radio Magazine website