Digital Marketing Basics: Finding Your Target Market

Hey everybody, it’s Todd from in Entropic Studio bringing you some digital marketing tips and tricks. Just some stuff that I’ve learned over the years. So I just did a three day workshop with my mentor and teacher, Steve Napolitan, and I wanted to cover one of the things that he calls “Wow Clients“.

So Steve defines a “wow client” as a client that leaves with tons of value from the experience of working with you, and you leave with tons of energy from working with that client.

And so really what I want you to do is think about those clients that you, at the end of the project, feel supercharged about working with and super excited about the end results. And it was a pleasure from beginning to end. Working with them and helping them either build a new website or come up with a digital marketing strategy or doing social media for or making videos.

It also applies to any of my clients, you know, who are your wow clients? I ask them that all the time. So I have a massage client right now that I’m working with, and I asked her, can you help everybody? And she says, yeah, I could help everybody. And I said, okay, so who are your wow clients? Who are the people that you want to help the most, that you get the most return on your investment emotionally and physically from working with them?

And she said, actually it’s not everybody. The people that I really love working with are people that have just gone through a surgery or they’re recovering from an injury or something like that. And I love helping them rehabilitate and get that motion back. I also love working with athletes who are trying to stay top of their game. So I love adjusting them and helping them reach their full potential. So those are some of her wow clients. And so we’re helping her look at the UX on her website so that she can work with more of her wow clients. It also helps from the client’s standpoint. If you arrive on the website and you’re like, Oh my gosh, I’m one of those people in her case. I’m an athlete and I would love some monthly maintenance so that I could stay top of my game, or Oh my gosh, I just had knee surgery or hip surgery. This person can help me rehabilitate and get that motion back after that surgery. So it helps from both perspectives.

It helps from a digital marketing perspective. Like I said, whether you’re a digital marketer and you’re looking for those wow clients that you could work with, where you bring the your expertise and you’re showing up super excited and full of energy, and it’s not one of those clients where the phone rings and you’re like I don’t want to answer it, or maybe if I don’t answer it, they’ll go away or something. So we know those kinds of clients that are emotionally draining, energy draining, and you’re just like, Oh gosh, when is this going to be over? So we don’t want to work with those. So let’s not advertise to those.

Let’s not put calls to action for those type of people to work with us. So really putting your energy. And to those type of clients that will allow us to do our best show up with the most energy and the clients will receive the most value from working with us. So again, bringing it back to the basics of who do you want to work with? Who brings you the most joy? What clients do you have that get the most value from that experience? And then really working from that place to wrap your marketing around that. So your messaging is wrapped around that. The user experience is wrapped around that. All of your messaging, your calls to action, all of those things start from really understanding who those wow clients are.

And then it’s a win win for the both of you. So I hope that makes sense. Leave any questions or comments below so that if you have any questions again I could help you understand more of this wow client that Steve talks about and we’ll help you get on your way to working with those people that bring you the most joy.