Entropic Studio’s Moving Video

6:30 a.m. A cool, misty Saturday morning. The sun hasn’t yet crept over Mt. Diablo. Spirits run high. It’s time to make time. To cover ground. To make strides. (In alphabetical order) Layla Alexander. Jeff Arnold. Diana Azurmanyants. Justin Curtis. Michael Gould. Piko McRae. Don Rosenfield. Jeff Samorano. Barry Stone. Jeff Tarran. And Todd Walker. [...]

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Happy Birthday Photoshop

Look who's turning 25. Happy anniversary, Photoshop. Adobe released “Dream On” to celebrate their special day, an animated compilation featuring amazing and beautiful things that were all created in Photoshop. Entropic Studio started working with Photoshop in 1994 with Photoshop v 3.0. This was the first version to add layers. It's really amazing to see [...]